Pastor Derrick Burroughs
Pastor Derrick is a passionate, anointed, and talented leader and worshipper with a true heart for God’s people. With a unique ability to blend his charismatic, Pentecostal upbringing with his contemporary worship experience, Pastor Derrick is able to present the gospel in such a way that enlightens and excites individuals, while transcending potential cultural and denominational barriers. Born in Washington, D.C. and a native of Alexandria, VA, Pastor Derrick was raised in a Christian home where his family attended and served as members of New Bethel Church of God in Christ in Washington, D.C.
Pastor Derrick attended Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, VA and obtained a B.A. in Philosophy & Religious Studies. Pastor Derrick was actively involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and served as a member of the Student Council for Religious Activities. In 2005, with two treasured friends, teammates, and brothers in Christ, he co-founded Divine Unity Righteously Applying God Ministries affectionately known as D.U.R.A.G. on Bridgewater’s campus. Today, Divine Unity Community Church continues to have a ministerial impact on both people within the surrounding communities and students attending colleges throughout the Shenandoah Valley.
As lead pastor of The WELL, Pastor Derrick aspires to create an authentic atmosphere of worship where individuals are challenged by the Word of God, charged to do the work of God, and changed by the presence of God. The end results will be individuals understanding their responsibility as believers to transport the living water FROM THE SANCTUARY TO THE CITY.
Pastor Tameka Burroughs
Pastor Tameka is a service-oriented individual who loves serving the Lord and His people. She is passionate about ministry education and is a gifted Biblical and practical educator. Pastor Tameka is a genuine prayer warrior and firmly believes in the power of prayer.
Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Pastor Tameka grew up in a Christian family and was a member of New St. John A.M.E. Church. At an early age she was taught to fear the Lord and hide His Word in her heart by her grandmother. As a child, she loved to memorize scriptures and attend Sunday School. Throughout her childhood, she actively served in the youth ministry and developed a passion to serve and reach the community for Christ. While attending James Madison University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Pastor Tameka’s spiritual maturity grew tremendously from knowing Christ to developing a trusting relationship with Him as she maintained involvement in church and Christian campus ministries.
Pastor Tameka is an educator and advocates for individuals having diverse abilities, she holds a Master of Education in Special Education from Old Dominion University and serves as a volunteer with several community and state level agencies that support inclusion for individuals having diverse disabilities. She also loves to write and recently released her first book of devotionals, “Just One Drop”.
As Co-Pastor of The WELL, Pastor Tameka aspires to encourage the development of committed authentic relationships with Jesus Christ through increased understanding of His Word and His Character.